You already know of our desire to try to make a better world, or at least try not to leave an indelible mark on it.
We attach importance to every step we take in the production process until the product is delivered..

We thought about packaging a lot, not only did we not want to use plastic, but we also wanted to create a greener place.

Our idea was, what if instead of wasting resources, we create life? What if instead of cutting down trees for our labels, we take advantage of waste and create labels where life grows? And so we began our search ...
… And we found the ideal paper for our labels.


Just what we were looking for!
Good to convey the commitment that PERKAL has to make a world a little better. Good for the environment, since the paper is made from discarded cotton fibers, so we do not contribute to the felling of trees. Good for diversity, as the seeds they contain are from honey flowers that feed bees and other polarizing insects. And good for local commerce since our supplier is local and our labels are produced in Barcelona.

We could not ask for more, some labels according to our commitment.
The planting process is very very simple. 

Leave it overnight covered in water. Place it on top of the ground and lightly cover it with it. Always keep the paper moist, and ... in a week, it will start to sprout (depending on the time of year).

Do you already have yours? all our garments are accompanied by one of them.

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